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Are you staging your home but don’t know where to start?


If you’re considering selling your home or condo in Toronto, you are about to embark on a huge undertaking that will require considerable time and sometimes resources.

Staging a home is no simple task

Over the last 20 years, a huge variety of television shows have educated the general public about what's involved in preparing your home for the real estate market: sometimes it's called staging. One of the early shows that I remember was a Debbie Travis production called "BUY ME".  The first season started in Quebec and then the producers came to Toronto to look for opportunities to create some episodes.

In 2003/04, I was in my first year in this business. I was being mentored by two RE/MAX agents who had great sense of style when it came to decorating a home. They were amazing at how they could pull a home together so that it would look great in photos and even better in person. When asked if they wanted to be involved in the filming of a "Buy Me" episode, they said YES! The three of us plus partners and brothers and moms were recruited to get a home on Dearbourne Avenue ready for the show and ready to sell on the Toronto real estate market.

We started by:

  1. Packing up the house, emptying closets of all clothes, toys, linens, vacuum cleaner, ironing board etc etc etc and moving everything into storage locker.
  2. Cleaning the house - top to bottom - into every cupboard, closet, nook and cranny.
  3. Getting minor repairs done.
  4. Furnishing the home and decorating it. Do we use the clients furniture or bring some of our own pieces? My mentors found a furniture store on the Danforth that was willing to furnish the entire house!

The result was spectacular! And the house sold with 5 competing offers well over the asking price!

I started working on my own about a year later. The training I received was invaluable. When I needed advice, I could always count on my mentors to help me out.

What came out of this training and my subsequent experience in the real estate business was my eBook, "When a House is not a Home".  Everything you really need to know about the process of selling real estate in Toronto is in this book!

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