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The St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood

The St. Lawrence Market located on the southwest corner of Jarvis Street and Front Street East anchors its namesake neighbourhood that stretches to Parliament in the east, Yonge Street to the west and King Street – maybe Adelaide – maybe Richmond – to the north.

Front Street East serves as the “Main Street” in this the oldest of Toronto’s neighbourhoods, the St. Lawrence Market!

Some of the Victorian Era facades have been saved and restored reminding us of the beautiful architecture from the 19th century. As condos continue to add to the density of the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, it’s as if the neighbourhood rallies around and protect these Victorian treasures.

St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood

What makes this “Main Street”, in this case – Front Street East, such a great “city” centre.

  1. Food Shopping! The St. Lawrence Market, No Frills and Metro Supermarket.
  2. Pharmacy. Rexall’s has a location at Church Street and Front Street East. There is a pharmacy in the Metro Supermarket as well.
  3. Butcher – this may seem redundant but in some of Toronto’s neighbourhoods a large grocery store is lacking and this is remedied by having a butcher and a green grocer. Obviously, you have several butchers to choose from at the St. Lawrence Market.
  4. Bakery – same as the Butcher.
  5. Coffee Shops – the usual culprits are here. The Second Cup, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s.
  6. Hardware Store – a Home Hardware Store is located on Sherbourne Street at Front Street East. This particular kind of store really completes Main Street, in my opinion.
  7. A BANK or a good ATM. The Royal Bank, CIBC and ScotiaBank have branches in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood.
  8. Late Night Place to hang out. C’est What? is a great example.
  9. Decent Restaurants and Pubs. There is no shortage of places to dine out and that includes fine dining and fast food within steps of each other.
  10. Shopping. Enter Winners plus all the other small retailers who courageously keep their doors open for us.

St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood

And now the bonus round.

What else can be found in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood?

  1. The Rainbow Cinema
  2. The LCBO
  3. The Hummingbird  Centre
  4. The Hockey Hall of Fame

And just beyond Yonge Street, you will find the Air Canada Centre which is the home of Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors.

What if you’re raising a family, where will your children go to school?

Market Lane Junior and Senior Public School is located at 246 The Esplanade

St. Michael Catholic School is located at 50 George Street South

The St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood is located in 51 Division of the Toronto Police Services.

To contact 51 Division, call 416-808-5100

Would you consider living here? Spend an afternoon and/or an evening there and find out for yourself. The St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood is in my top five of Toronto’s best hoods!

St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood

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